NESTworking™ is based on the humanistic approach ‘a person has all the resources she/he needs to be successful’, which is the solid ground for any learning and development process, but there are two main differences from the usual coaching approach:
1. We observed that excellence is linked to a zone of great focus. Change is linked to the focus to… change! Higher performance is not related to a rapid change, but to an achieved habit to do things in a better way. With Nestworking™, the client is not only challenged to leave her/his comfort zone, but is ‘nested’ in her/his endeavor to practice the habit of using her/his potential, empowered and enthusiastic.
2. We observed that the performance problems are linked to a blind spot in human communication, both inner and outer. With NESTworking™, the client has the opportunity to diversify her/his points of view on her/his problems, benefiting from exposure to widely accepted scientific perspectives on the mind-body relationship as one interdependent system, and interpersonal communication.
NESTworking™ is a double loop learning process, its working concepts and design assure the desired outcome of self actualization.



Personal: self actualization – bigger frame of reference for dealing with problems, mobility and creativity in finding appropriate solutions, increased self-trust, increased responsibility, courage to live at full capacity.
Professional: increased engagement – i.e. high performance – in the workplace due to a critical shift at the beliefs level – ‘my professional life is part of my life’, or: I own my work days – it is my own financial time.
Team: easier goals alignment, effective results-oriented communication, no more hidden agenda, less wasted time for interpersonal arguments, fewer fights for power, more valuable cooperation, better performance and innovation at work.
Organization: higher profits, appropriate reactions to changes, increased productivity, increased employees retention, lower expenses with individual and team coaching; more predictability i.e trust, loyalty; peer coaching and co-developing relationships – the company itself is a GROWing entity: organization actualization.