Nestworking™ at work

Understanding communication competency as a basic tool for the working process, for change management and for leadership;

Solving a number of problems in parallel, developing coaching skills, and learning to use self nestworking tools for personal and professional situations;

Self-esteem stated as a fundamental growth precondition, the stepping stone for self-actualization.

Higher awareness levels for the on-the-spot situations, fewer ready-made ‘maps’, facilitating deep understanding of successful actions.

The formal learning – dedicated place                      The ‘viral learning’ – workplace at large

Participants in the formal learning environment have coaching sheets to work upon, therefore they have action plans and specific posture or behavior changes to be noticed, as an undeniable proof they ‘walk the talk’. They receive observational feedback, which they need for implementing new skills. The very attention to progress raises awareness – of themselves, of the others and of the work processes.

Their new attitudes and actions are to be new kind of messages – their old way of communicating changes. Consequently, their colleagues have to change their ‘answer’. The change in the relationships is not imposed, but chosen in a smooth natural way, welcomed as an opportunity to learn and develop.

To assure the success of the process, we recommend that at least two employees who have frequent interactions in the workplace participate in the formal learning program. The fact that they experienced the same learning frame, and witnessed each other’s evolution, and were peer parts in the ‘contract to change’ guarantees a true, valuable support to each other. On the other hand, the new type of relationship they display in the workplace is the living example of new habits at work based on trust and a win-win position.